• As a consultancy company we are familiar with the cultures, the dynamics of the industry, the ways of doing business and the working structure of many companies. Hence, we understand you and your needs and we look for the perfectly fitting solutions.
  • In our work, we dedicate a considerable amount of our time to examine the companies’ organizational structures and to understand their expectations from the position.
  • During our interviews, we focus on the candidates’ willingness and attitudes as well as their transferrable skills.
  • We represent your company’s image in the highest standarts before the potantial candidates.
  • During the course of our work, HRWORKS also provides constructive information on the market perception of the client’ s employer brand, comparative description on the compansation structures of other companies with similar positions, and reports on the most – possible candidates suitable for your company.
  • We do not have a reputation for providing services for every sector, especially for real sector companies.