After graduating from the civil engineering department in 1995, Bayındır worked as a field engineer in Trevi SpA hydroelectric power plant and road projects.

Later, he moved to the field of human resources management in the establishment of Genoto Ankara and in 2002, he participated in setting up the human resources department of Gap Construction, which operates in the field of foreign construction investment projects. Here, he worked in recruitment, remuneration, restructuring of the organization, selection of ERP systems and implementation of the human resources modules in the construction and operation periods of industrial investment projects such as pulp and paper mill factory, cement factory, urea and ammonia factory undertaken in Turkmenistan.

Afterwards, Bayındır worked at Hayat Kimya in FMCG sector, at Yalinkaya Holding operating in jewelry production, mining and retail sectors, and at Sera Yapı Endüstrisi, a stakeholder of TAV Construction. In every each one of the companies that he took place in, he established and/or managed the human resources systems of the whole organization and processed the legal affairs over 15 years.

Since 2011, as the founder of HRWORKS CONSULTANCY company, which operates in the field of industrial executive search, Serdar Bayındır provides services for the search and selection of talented candidates for top-notch companies.