Our services include placing professionals from Directors to Executives in management, sales, finance, production and supply chain related roles.

Since 2011, for companies operating in Turkey and in neighboring countries, we offer retained, project-based services, particularly in the following areas:

  • Senior and mid-senior level executive search
  • Search and placement in experienced engineering positions

How does HRWORKS operate?

We are proactively and systematically searching for the most suitable candidates that will be appropriate for the position in question.

Our recruitment process is research-based and result-oriented.

We select the candidates of highest performance in line with the requirements expected from the position and business results.


The workflow in HRWORKS consists of five stages:

Project Description
Customer information, position information and research goals are clarified.
Search for Candidates
People with sufficient experience in the target area are identified and a pool of people suitable for the position is created.
Candidate Interview
The most potential candidates are determined through telephone or face-to-face interviews.
Candidate Presentation
The reports of the candidates who are most suitable for the position are shared and company interviews are organized.
Job Offer
After the reference checks for the selected candidates, the written job proposal is sent and the whole process is monitored until the employment and the candidate’s trial period are completed.